Single Black Fathers are the most unappreciated and undervalued group in the America. In light of the many good and responsible black fathers across the world, we continue to be victimized by a biased court system and overall view as a whole. I encourage SBF’s to embrace being the underdog! There’s nothing sweeter than getting a victory when being an underdog.

Our children are truly our future and it’s our job as father’s to lead, guide and direct their lives. We must parent not a from a perspective of “do as I say” but from a perspective of, “do as I do.” We must raise the bar of personal accountability as SBF’s, which will in turn raise the level of personal accountability in our children.

We must always be able to answer yes to the two following questions about our children.

  1. Is this decision going to put my child in the best possible position for success? And
  2. Is this decision going to bring my child closer to making a successful transition in being an effective contributing member of society.

If you can’t answer “yes” to these two questions when making a decision for or about your child, I strongly encourage you to reconsider. We don’t ask for the parenting task as underdogs to be easier, we ask that we have the strength, intelligence and endurance to be better.
I encourage SBF’s not to never forget your “Why”, that you are suffering so that your children don’t have to. I encourage SBF to not just strive until you get it right, strive until you no longer get it wrong. Keep fighting the good fight, My Brothers!

Marc Baxter -Author

You Were Born to be Great

Marc Baxter is a self published author of “How to be One With Greatness” This book is unique because it not only identifies a serious problem that we all struggle with, but it also offers a step-by-step solution to overcome this issue. More importantly, this book will challenge you to face life problems head on with extreme confidence and hope. This book will give you renewed appreciation for where you’ve been, understanding for where you are, and a happy anticipation for where you are going. Be prepared to realign yourself with the greatness within. You deserve to be the best version of yourself. Ultimately, this book stands alone because of the uniquee perspective offered by Marc Baxter, who not only lives life but is also a student of life. Marc is a visionary with a unique perspective, a diverse set of knowledge, experiences, and passion that set him apart from any other motivator of our time.



“Marc continues to electrify audiences across the world with his life changing speeches. “Not only does he speak about the characteristics it takes to live a superior, balanced and positive life: he lives by those characteristics and is proud to be an example to all those that are touched by him. Mr. Baxter and I have worked together facilitating empowerment workshops and training sessions for employees for various corporations and non-profit organizations. During his sessions Mr. Baxter exemplified exceptional interpersonal skills. Specifically, he demonstrates compassion, conscientiousness, patience, flexibility, and undoubtedly intelligence.”
Natasha A. Patterson, M.P.H. - Director - Department of Public Health - Temple University

“Marc is highly regarded for his work in the city of Philadelphia having been recognized for his oracle skills and his masterful motivating techniques. Marc is a hard worker with solid business ethics with an innovative approach to motivating and inspiring people. Marc is an outstanding person who has gained recognition but yet still remains humble. Whether it’s speaking to a major corporation or one on one counseling Marc offers the same level of professionalism and excellence at all times.
Jeffrey C. Jones - CEO Founder - Greater Days Ahead

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Marc is a visionary with a unique perspective, a diverse set of knowledge, experiences, and passion that set him apart from any other motivator of our time.

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